What We

Research and Analysis

Strategic planning

Market Research

We see who the big players in organic are in the target market, what they do well, what could be improved, and define the clearest opportunities for your operation. 

Competitive Landscape

We define a clear gameplan looking at the competitors, their expertise, and how, and why, your operation can beat them in a game that has historically been won by affiliates. 

Step by Step Strategy

We design a plan with the step by step strategy that we plan to take, with clear goals and timelines for all steps of the process. 




Time to get to work and start implementing our strategy. Starting by the quickest potential wins so that we can see results in as short of a timeline as possible. 


Our team will be working on your project, brand and visibility on a daily basis, and the project manager will provide weekly and monthly reports so that you are aware of what was done, and what is yet to be done in the near future. 

Progress Reports

You will have monthly meetings with the team to gauge progress and understand what was done, and the results that are starting to appear. 



Business Intelligence

We will measure the results, and understand what clusters bring the most valuable type of players, so that we can use that information to your benefit and double down on the things that are working. 

Data Strategy

You will also get expert consulting on CRM so that you can deliver tailored messaging to your players at the best time possible for increased retention. 

Data Modeling

This will allow you, if you decide so, to start modelling your data and improve the overall user journey, segmentation and retargeting.