Who we are

We work to increase your number of players while decreasing the cost of acquisition in relative and absolute terms.

We trust our work, and work on a performance basis only

We believe the organic traffic is the new way to get players, at scale, since it has been a focus, until now, of affiliates. We believe this is the opportunity of the decade especially as platforms are cutting the freedom given to operators, advertisement is getting more competitive and expensive, and sponsorships are getting regulated and often times banned. 

It makes sense to enter a marketing channel that is not and will not be limited by government controls, that is yet untapped by operators and that is as bottom of funnel as organic traffic. 


Our Team

A close, young and energetic team

we have proven that we understand SEO, and rather than becoming another affiliate focused on organic traffic, we decided to skip that step and focus our expertise in helping operators get more players, for cheaper prices, with more longevity and better margins than traditional acquisition channels. 

Organic traffic is more lasting, more scalable and cheaper than paid acquisition methods, less subject to regulation than sponsorships and less volatile than affiliation… So it just makes sense.